Hanham District Green Belt Conservation Society

Details below of local plan documents and consultations as well as responses and submissions from the Society

Planning Strategy


West of England Organisation Joint Plans

Current Position 2017 - It is expected that an updated draft will be published in the summer of 2017 with a further consultation period in the Autumn. giving you an opportunity to comment so please be prepared to respond.

February 2017 Deadline - The Society submitted a response opposing any development of green belt (such as around Hanham / Longwell Green / Willsbridge / Keynsham) or other green spaces e.g. Hanham Cricket Ground, Gover Rd. link

1st stage DEADLINE 5pm Jan 27th 2016 

The West of England Organisation (made up of the four local authorities South Glos, Bristol, BaNES and North Somerset) has two consultations which are aimed at guiding the areas growth until 2036:

  1.The Joint Spatial Plan – will set out ambitions for new housing and associated infrastructure; it is estimated that the area needs 85,000 new homes, nearly 30,000 more than is already planned. The consultation seeks your views on how and where housing, employment and other infrastructure should be delivered

  2. The Joint Transport Study – being prepared in parallel with above, will inform high level strategy and delivery of major transport schemes. The consultation is seeks your views about the key transport issues and what sort of solutions should be looked at

These two aspects go together, i.e. you can’t have development without transport facilities and you don’t need the intrusion of transport infrastructure where there is no development. The current stage of consultation took place until 29th Jan and further stages will come up later. We encourage you to look at these documents and respond personally. It is not solely a green belt matter but we should be interested as individuals, for the greater part of the Avon area green belt is included within its remit.

Find out more or submit comments via online survey at www.jointplanningwofe.org.uk (or by post) or in libraries and council offices.


Draft PSP Plan


Current Position 2017 - The PSP was submitted to the Secretary of State in November 2016. Date still awaited for the Examination in Public. As a reminder the PSP conains a list of Designated Local Green Spaces (see section below) one of which being the Cricket Ground; when adopted these green spaces would have protection form develpoment.

Update - New round of consultations Nov 2015-Jan 2016: Read the second response from the Society to South Gloucestershire Council, submitted January 2016


South Glos Council has issued the Draft PSP Plan - public consultation ended on 28 August 2014:

Public consultation - South Gloucestershire Local Plan - Draft Policies, Sites and Places (PSP) Plan:

The PSP Plan forms part of the Local Plan. The Society committee submitted a response to the council in February stressing the importance of the greenbelt and listing other "green spaces" in our area. The Council issued a Draft PSP Plan and invited comments on this and supporting Draft Sustainability Appraisal. Anyone can respond, please take this opportunity to tell the council what is important to you - have your say! Everything you need is on SGC website link: https://consultations.southglos.gov.uk/consult.ti/Draft_PSP_Summer2014/consultationHome or you can see the plan at one of the Council’s One-Stop Shops. his consultation ended on 28 August 2014.


Read the first response from the Society to South Gloucestershire Council regarding the Policies, Sites &   Places Plan (PSP), submitted in February 2014:


Local Green Space Designation


SEPT 2015 Click the link button to read the list of your local green areas submitted by the Society for inclusion in South Glos. Local Green Space Designation consultation



SEPT 2015 Click the link button to read detail of Local Green Space Designation consultation Summer 2015, including MAPS of each green space submitted by the Society (see Hanham Abbots map)



Core Strategy

For information and Society comments on the South Gloucestershire Council Core Strategy:  

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Click link to see MAP of potential development sites submitted to SGC under all 3 plans - PSP, JSP Issues/Options and JSP Call for Sites. The Hanham proposals are included.

MAP SGC proposed developement sites
MAP SGC proposed developement sites 2