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Planning applications:  


Hanham Common!  Hanham Abbots parish council are considering handing over management of the Common (which is a registered Village Green) to a football club. It is also likely that the pavilion would be replaced. We have challenged this and the council has postponed the decision until later this year. If you feel that the Common should continue to be for the use and benefit of the people of Hanham as a whole rather than becoming a sports field please make your thoughts known to the parish council e.g. e-mail hanhamabbotspc@googlemail.com or contact one of your councillors directly  or attend a council meeting; and please keep an eye on the planning applications and parish council information.


Sept 2015 ref PK15_3673_F: Proposed large building and vehicular access within green belt land - OBJECTION from Society -  due to size and permanant materials of proposed structure within the green belt and within proposed Local Green Space Designation area ref LGSD 135


Sept 2014: We have objected to a planning application within the green belt on Abbots Road, Hanham. Application PK14/2855/F relates to the three disused industrial units opposite the Elm Tree pub. Neither Hanham Parish Council or this Society were consulted by South Glos Council, as we should have been, so we were not able to highlight our concerns to our members in time for comments to be submitted. Our objection relates to:

the expected increase in traffic and the size of vehicles on the already dangerous Abbots Road (the application includes 22 parking spaces and removal of existing boundary wall to facilitate creating a larger entrance); Abbots Rd is used by pedestrians, cyclists and horseriders and there are no footpaths between Castle Farm Road and the duckpond or between Ferry Rd and Sally on the Barn and the cycle path crossing is very difficult for vehicles to see

the large palisade fencing and gates not being in keeping with the area (and already been erected without permission)

the loss of the old stone walls having a detrimental impact on the character of the area


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